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Conservation of the earth's resources and life-sustaining attributes is important to us.

Dynamis operates in an environmentally-friendly manner.

  • Our technician service vehicles are all hybrid and/or rated at 24+ MPG
  • We use Citrix GotoAssist remote support to prevent the need for service trips whenever possible

Dynamis helps our clients operate in an environmentally-friendly manner.

  • We help companies reduce their employees need to commute by installing and maintaining remote work solutions including Cisco VPN's, Remote Desktop and Terminal Servers
  • We help our clients reduce their office space, air conditioning, and electrical costs by making it affordable and practical for their employees to work from home
  • We help our clients save power (and power consumed by cooling costs) by consolidating servers via server virtualization, where possible
  • We make these options affordable and practical for both small and medium size companies
  • These options save our clients money while helping the environment



1920 N Braeswood | Houston, TX 77030 | (713) 721-3126 | Fax (713) 589-5873 | Send an Email



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