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What happened to PCMINT? (And who are you?)

Micro International closed sometime around March 1999. I was an employee of the company between the years of 1992-1997. When I left, I started a network consulting and web design company which has grown and expanded into Dynamis. Eventually, Micro International became one of my web design customers. As a result, I have a [somewhat out of date] copy of their support pages which I have posted here in hopes that it will help someone.

Note: I was never an officer of the company, nor can I help you locate anyone who was, nor do I have any idea why they closed. I was under the impression that they had effectively downsized and were doing fine.

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Getting Service

I have managed to determine some of Micro International's U.S. sources for the notebook models they sold between 1990 and 1999, which may help some of you obtain warranty service: 

Model Manufacturer Source Contact Info
Clevo direct from Clevo Try Sager
1140/mint Compal Electronics Quantex http://www.quantex.com/
9200/mint Chicony (9780) Chem Warranty: Chem 1-510-608-8818 or 1-800-866-Chem

Parts: Chicony may sell 4 less

Alternate: Keydata
3300/mint Mitac Synnex ? http://mitac.mic.com.tw/
(includes service center list)
More contact info
5200/mint Kapok direct from Kapok Try FOSA
Houston area Service
Kapok FOSA mostly (some from Chem) FOSA 1-800-216-3672
Houston area Service

G.E. Extended Warranty Contact Information

If you have one of these notebooks and need service, I suggest calling the source company where possible and attempting to obtain warranty service from them based on your serial #. Several of my friends who purchased notebooks from Micro International have successfully obtained warranty service in that manner.

Support Files

What I was able to dig up from my Micro International tech support website archives.
(I will update this whenever I find more information).


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